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Vermont Bowl and Board is a subsidiary of John McLeod Ltd., a privately owned company located in Wilmington Vermont. With very few exceptions all the wooden bowls (aka "wooden salad bowls"), wooden cutting boards, and related serving pieces or kitchen tools which you will find on offer in our website are manufactured right here in our own facility. Our craftspeople are both men and women, young and old, with the longest serving having been with the company for over 30 years. We have been producing fine wood products since 1967 when John McLeod first started in a borrowed workshop just months after emigrating from Scotland.

John worked for a number of years as an individual craftsman. The business went through all the traditional stages of borrowed workshops, house basements, tiny converted gas stations and property purchases finally followed by five factory extensions and the development of two attached retail stores.

No other company produces a range of wooden bowls in production quantities to equal that of The Vermont Bowl Company. Because of our earlier years of individual craftsmanship a tradition of standards was imbued into the company which has translated into a reputation for quality and integrity in company policy and in product which is the envy of the industry.

Almost without exception whenever you see the "Made in Vermont" logo on a product page it will mean that that product was created and crafted in our workshop right here in Wilmington. We are very proud of our position and history in Vermont and it is particularly gratifying to know that we are carrying on a centuries old tradition of fine woodworking here in the mountains and forests of Vermont.

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John McLeod is one of that small group of people who have had the good fortune to have made a dream for life come true. John started wood turning when he was 10 years of age after his father gave him a birthday present of a small treadle wood turning lathe.

Retirement? No way! With Vice President Tommy and a dedicated group of seasoned employees to back him up and to take the daily pressures off, the business is just too interesting and too exciting to leave. There are new wooden cutting boards to design, there are new wooden bowls to be introduced, there are new customers, there's new technology, there's new challenges and problems to be solved. It's all exciting.

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Come visit our retail stores in Wilmington Vermont and you will find many wooden bowls, wooden cutting boards, and related serving pieces and kitchen items, including items for the home & office which are not included on our website. And a fabulous time of year to visit us is during our annual July 4th weekend or Columbus Day weekend Seconds and Overruns Sale. See you there!

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Vermont Bowl and Board

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